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The Democratic Impact of Administrative Reforms - Temporary Governance Instruments in Regional Development (ProDem)

Timetable: 2012-2014

Financing: Academy of Finland

Project coordinator: Professor Stefan Sjöblom, FO-RUM

During the recent years one of the key research fields of FO-RUM has been the increase in temporary organisations in public decision-making.

In the course of the recent decades the temporal dimension of current governance systems has become increasingly important in the public policy. These systems are characterized by a growing tension between short-term and long-term perspectives. We are, on the other hand, witnessing a tendency for policies to become increasingly time-framed and projectified in terms of interventions and policy instruments and, on the other hand, a simultaneous demand for longer-term, sometimes generational time perspectives in terms of outcomes.  

This project will focus on the possible advantages of temporary organisations compared to traditional bureaucratic forms of organising, and especially on their effects in terms of democratic governance. The development towards increasingly informal and temporary governance instruments, as programs and projects, has been particularly salient within the field of regional development due to the fact that Structural Fund system by the midst of the 1990s became normative in Finland and that still to a large extent retains this position. Thus the Finnish regional development system provides an excellent context for critical assessment of the democratic effects of new governance instruments.The project especially analyses two key dimensions of project proliferation: the consequences for democratic governance in terms of new forms of interaction and participation pursued by means of temporary organisations and the interaction between permanent and temporary structures, i.e. the mechanisms by which the achievements of temporary organisations can be sustained.  


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