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SUSTAIN Workshop

Temporary organisations and regional development policies

Date: 28-29.1.2011
Place: FO-RUM / Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki
Organiser: Professor Stefan Sjöblom


Friday January 28th

Session I: Editorial issues

Discussion on publisher and editorial guidelines

Kjell Andersson - Terry Marsden – Stefan Sjöblom: Introductory chapter

Session II Country studies: Sweden, Finland, Hungary

Lars Larsson & Cecilia Waldenström: Leader as a means for strengthening rural development capacity: structures and relations

Kjell Andersson – Sebastian Godenhjelm – Kanerva Kuokkanen - Minna Lehtola – Bettina Lindfors - Stefan Sjöblom: Regional development by means of project organisations in Finland. Implications for democratic governance

Boldizsár Megyesi: Institutions and networks in rural development. Two case studies from Hungary

Session III Country studies: Italy, France, Spain

Giorgio Osti: Wind energy exchanges and rural development in Italy

Bernadett Csurgó – Imre Kovách – Nicole Mathieu: Understanding short termism. Development policy in Paris and Budapest

Javier Esparcia: Business networks in rural areas: experiences from rural Spain

19.00 - Dinner

Saturday January 28th

Session IV Country Studies and cross-continental perspectives: UK, US, Australia, Africa

Sarah Skerratt: Widening the frame around rural community leadership - from 'projects’ to ‘resilience’

Steven Wolf: Project forms and social problems: A critical analysis of environmental governance

Aude-Annabelle Canesse: Public Action and Rural Development Programmes in Tunisia

Cornelia Butler Flora: Mobilizing Civil Society for Environmental Protection in a Context Dominated by Industrial Agriculture (chapter confirmed, not present at the meeting)

Dean Carson & Daniela Stehlik: Temporary Guides and Long Term Policy Challenges: A view from remote Australia (chapter confirmed, not present at the meeting)

Concluding discussion: Organising the book – conclusions based on the individual chapters

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