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Visiting Research Fellows på FO-RUM

    Imre Kovách
    Professor Kovách is research director of the IPS-HAS. He has wide experience of cross-European research. He was the co-ordinator of the research network, ‘Actors on changing European countryside’, and ‘De-peasantisation in late industrialized European countries’ (Green ring) and a
    vice president of management committee COST Action 12 on Rural Innovation (1998-2002). Joint co-ordinator of WG5, 'Local power, leadership and rural restructuring' for COST Action 12 on
    Rural Innovation. National coordinator of several EU research projects (RURBAN, CORASON and COFAMI). He was the regional co-ordinator of CORASON EU project. He served on the board of: President, European Society for Rural Sociology, 2003- 2007; Vice-president, International Society
    for Rural Sociology, 2000–2004; Vice-president, EU COST A12 project, Rural Innovation, Management Committee, 1998.
    Sarah Skerratt
    Dr. Sarah Skerratt is a social scientist, specialising in the interface between rural policy and practice, examining local community experiences of European, national and regional policies, programmes, and regulations. She specifically researches the interpretation, appropriation and/or rejection of such measures at ground level, highlighting disparities and discontinuities between policy intent and its outcomes, and between policy vision and the experiences of policy/programme recipients. For the past 25 years she has been researching the links between on-the-ground experiences and participation, together with implications for the self-sustaining of policies or programmes. More specifically, she researches rural leadership and its links with the resilience of rural communities. Her aim is to build research that highlights patterns across places and domains, so, based on case-study work whilst also seeking to identify those aspects that are repeatedly observable.