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Foreign Reporting

(advanced Bachelor's level)

The next Foreign Reporting module is taking place 5 September - 21 November (18 December) 2016.

We are know looking for students that will continue the Foreign Reporting tradition.

Application opens 1st of March and closes 15th of May 2016 and 15th of April for students comming from outside of EU!

The module is designed to equip students with theoretical knowledge in support of journalistic work in international intercultural context and to expose them to the reality of being a foreign reporter on assignment. The programme emphasizes multiculturalism, ethnicity and international journalism. The module is taught by experts in the field and it includes a working assignment abroad.  The module Foreign Reporting has been organized for a decade already so come and join all the other Foreign Reporting Almuni!

The module can also be done as an minor in Foreign Reporting and communication. (25-30 ECTS) More on the additional courses can be found here.

The Module Foreign Reporting consists of:

  • International Journalism, 5 ECTS
  • Ethnicity and the Challenge of Diversity in Foreign Reporting,
    5 ECTS
  • Foreign Correspondence in Practice, 6 ECTS
  • Integrative Course, 4 ECTS

As one of the practical exercises, the students travel to Estonia on a working assignment which will result in a report for newspaper, radio or television. Thus, the participants are expected to have good English skills and some experience of practical journalism. See course programme for detailed information about the module content.

A Foreign Reporing coordinator is assigned to assist the students with various matters throughout the module.


You can download a fleyer for the program here


Feedback from previous Foreign Reporting participants:

"As an overall experience; I enjoyed the different backgrounds of the teachers and the way it affected their teaching methods and approaches."

"It was a life and career changing course and experience, and I believe the more students who get to experience it, the better. The inclusive lessons I received should be taught to every journalist wanting to work in a multicultural society."

"I didn't know exactly what to expect but I am definitely happy with the choice I made. We learnt a lot, the relationship with classmates and professors is great. I would make the same decision again. It's an intensive course with amazing learning opportunities."

"It was an intense course with a perfect balance of theory and practice. It gave me lots of opportunities to reflect on my work as a journalist and get out of my comfort zone while working with other enthusiastic students."

"Being in a class where students are from all different parts of the world means we all learn different things from each other as well. I think these global perspectives are important in journalism and writing about different people and cultures so we know how to represent different communities and ethnicities fairly within the media."

"This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for learning with amazing professors and great colleagues."

"The professional experience you get in the three months is probably better than what you get in a year."

"I feel like I am a better person and a better journalist now."