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The publication series is features publications in both Swedish and English. The links below goes to a Swedish page.

Welcome to the Swedish School of Social Science!

The Swedish School of Social Science (SSKH) is an autonomous unit of the University of Helsinki. 

The School offers Bachelor's degree studies s in the fields of Journalism, Social Work and Social Policy, Sociology, Social Psychology, Political Science and Law. The language of instruction and administration is Swedish. Courses in English are also offered. Close to 500 students and 80 staff members study or work at the School. The School also has a research institute and a unit for further education.

SSKH is the largest Swedish unit at the University of Helsinki. The School is responsible for ensuring that within its scope of activity a sufficient number of people with a knowledge of Swedish are educated to meet the needs of bilingual Finland.

The Swedish School of Social Science is commonly known as “Soc&kom”, from its Swedish name Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan.


Whats happening in English at SSKH?

Most of the English events are organized by either The Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism, CEREN, the SSKH researchers or the school's International Affairs. Check them out for the latest information in English.

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