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The Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism, CEREN, was established in 1998 at the Swedish School of Social Science (Soc&kom) at the University of Helsinki.

The research at CEREN covers a broad range of topics related to the fields of migration and ethnic relations. Ongoing research at CEREN include issues such as immigration and migrant integration, minority languages and human and indigenous rights, nationalism and identity, media and public debate, and questions concerning Islam, labour market and health.

CEREN organizes regularly seminars and events on current topics within the field of migration and ethnic relations. The research at CEREN tries to contribute to the public debate and CEREN researchers participate actively in both national and international networks. CEREN also Coordinates the Master’s Degree Programme in Ethnic Relations (ERI).


CEREN Research Seminar, 14th October
America’s Immigration Impasse 50 Years after Hart-Celler

Peter Kivisto is the Richard A. Swanson Professor of Social Thought at Augustana College (Rock Island, Illinois) and currently Research Fellow at the University of Trento. He is a former FiDiPro at the University of Turku and the former Editor of The Sociological Quarterly.

Kivisto's talk at the CEREN Research Seminar will examine how the 1965 legislative act made possible the resumption of mass migration to the United States after a four decade hiatus and will show how aspects of the bill and subsequent legislative and policy decisions have led to a situation in which 11 million undocumented immigrants now reside in the country while labor shortages in some sectors of the economy persist. Attempts at reform since 2000 will be located in the context of the American two-party political landscape, including the way the issue is being framed in the 2016 Presidential campaign which is already underway.

The seminar will be held on the 14th October at the Swedish School of Social Science, room 210 at 16:15-18 (Snellmaninkatu 12, entrance from Yrjö-Koskisen katu).


Doctoral Defence, 16th October
Niko Pyrhönen: The True Colors of Finnish Welfare Nationalism

The True Colors of Finnish Welfare Nationalism

CEREN affiliated researcher Niko Pyrhönen will defend the doctoral dissertation entitled "The True Colors of Finnish Welfare Nationalism - Consolidation of Neo-Populist Advocacy as a Resonant Collective Identity through Mobilization of Exclusionary Narratives of Blue-and-White Solidarity". Professor Peter Kivisto, Augustana College, will serve as the opponent, and Professor Matti Kortteinen as the custos.

The public examination will take place on the 16th October at the Main building, Small Festivity Hall, ( Fabianinkatu 33) at 12:00.



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