CEREN Research
       Snellmaninkatu 12 (P.O. Box 16)
       00014 University of Helsinki
       Telephone +358 2941 28470



The Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism, CEREN, was established in 1998 at the Swedish School of Social Science (Soc&kom) at the University of Helsinki.

The research at CEREN covers a broad range of topics related to the fields of migration and ethnic relations. Ongoing research at CEREN include issues such as immigration and migrant integration, minority languages and human and indigenous rights, nationalism and identity, media and public debate, and questions concerning Islam, labour market and health.

CEREN organizes regularly seminars and events on current topics within the field of migration and ethnic relations. The research at CEREN tries to contribute to the public debate and CEREN researchers participate actively in both national and international networks. CEREN also Coordinates the Master’s Degree Programme in Ethnic Relations (ERI).



ETMU Days 2014

CEREN is organizing the 11th international ETMU Days Conference In/Equalities in Diverse Societies. Identifying problems, remedies and alternatives together with the Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki and The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU). The ETMU days 2014 takes place at the main building of the University of Helsinki, October 23-24 and it explores the causes and consequences of increasing inequalities from a social scientific and humanities perspective. The conference will seek to ways to promote equality in diverse societies. Read more >>